Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farmers Market

Today was another Farmers Market day. I finally made a nice sign for my table. It's taken me awhile to decide on a name, but "Sara's Garden" it is. My brother-in-law, Stephen, made a vegetable stand for me as a project for his welding class and today was the first day I had enough produce to use it. It works great and looks good, too! I think Travis would still like to spray paint the stand, which would help me not get so dirty unloading it. I'll also keep looking for baskets that acually fit correctly in the trays, but for now, I went and bought four wicker serving trays from Target. I absolutely loved them as soon as I saw them on the shelf! Spring is always a great time to look for thing like that. If I ever do get different trays for the stand, then I will use these wicker trays for the vegetables on the table. I think they will look so much better than the cardboard flats I've been using. I got lots of good feedback on the way I had everything set up...people really liked it.

Today we had tomatoes, green tomatoes, pint baskets of grape tomatoes, red potatoes, big onions, green onions, 2 types of bell pepper, jalapenos, and different types of squash. I should note that these pictures were taken after a big influx of people flocked to my table to buy produce. So my table and baskets may look skimpy, but they weren't when market opened for the day!

Travis & Elizabeth slept late this morning while I went on ahead to Market. Travis has been up and out of the house super early the last few days and was starting to get run down, so he needed the extra rest. It was pretty warm outside and not much of a breeze in sight, so Elizabeth needed a little water. She puts her mouth over the entire opening of the bottle...I'm surprised she even gets to swallow anything!

While we didn't have any customers, she kept us entertained with silly faces.

Hopefully, within a couple of weeks, we'll have a lot more produce. It all seems like tons to me since I've never had a garden this big, but soon I should have tomatoes galore!

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