Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farmers Market

Yesterday was another Farmers Market day. It had rained early Tuesday morning, so we all got a little bit of a late start getting motivated to get out there. Travis needed to go out of town, but he was able to help me set up before he left. And just when I thought it would just be Elizabeth and me for the day, Stephen's girlfriend, Lori, showed up to help!

I didn't get any pictures of the table this time, but all we had was squash/zucchini, bell & jalapeno peppers, grape tomatoes, and large tomatoes. We had a fairly slow day, but by 1:00 p.m., we had sold everything except for a few squash and zucchini. Not too bad for a Tuesday. I am starting to see some "loyal customers" who love my tomatoes. It's just a handful, but they come every day that I am there! (Yes, I know I've only been four times...)

Lori keeps Elizabeth entertained!

I'm not completely sure why, but lately Elizabeth has really liked putting things on her head, even clean clothes out of the laundry basket!

It got a little warm later in the morning, but we were under shade! Too bad the shade doesn't stop Sweet Baby Girl from turning red in the face! She takes after her momma! But she is being very good in her play pen; she's just reading away!

Next day to go is Saturday! We picked last night and I already have more tomatoes picked for Saturday than I took on Tuesday, so hopefully it's the start of more ripening tomatoes!

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