Friday, May 29, 2009

Picking in the Rain

For those of you keeping up, Market is tomorrow. Today, as Elizabeth & I were packing up to go to the garden, the bottom fell out of the sky. We had to pick in the rain! Soaked to the bone, we picked tomatoes and squash. It didn't rain much, but it sure came down hard. After the rain stopped, Elizabeth proceeded to find every mud hole in which to play. We had to hose her off before giving her a bath! Here are a few pictures of our rainy day.


kajahns said...

Hey! that's my shirt!!!!

kajahns said...

But it does look like Elizabeth had fun!

Sara said...

She did have fun! And I love this shirt...I wear it all of the time! You're NEVER getting it back!!! Besides, there's a hole in it now...oops!