Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farmers Market

We survived another Farmers Market and it was our most successful one to date! We had our first decent size showing of tomatoes and within the first hour, all of the best ones were gone! I came home with just six pints of grape tomatoes (not bad when I started the day with nearly 26) and ten pounds of squash (the day started with lots and lots of squash)!! Elizabeth, as always, is the main attraction to our table! Travis had to work yesterday, so his dad helped me with Elizabeth and sell at Market. Thanks a bunch!!

I also had some time to make myself a new table cloth! I had this fabric lying in a box, so I hemmed the edges and ta-da! I like it, it makes me stand out! I also noticed that one of the other ladies that sells at Market is now showing up with a table cloth for her table when just last week, she had nothing...I think I've started something!!

These sweet old ladies are trying to coax Elizabeth out from under the table, but she wasn't too sure about that!

With that snooty face, she would have scared off some customers, but she's still just too cute!
Our next Market is on Tuesday. Travis is going out of town sometime Monday to plant trees and won't be back home until Wednesday or Thursday, so I may be looking at my first solo market. Scary!

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