Monday, May 25, 2009

Good-bye, RAV

Today, we said goodbye to the first car I ever owned. I thought I would be a little sad, but no. It's safe to say that I'm glad to see it go! I can call our insurance company tomorrow and take it off of our policy!! Yay! I would have taken a picture of it driving away, but I thought that would be a little strange. The people that bought it have a new driver, so it'll be good for them. They seem like a nice enough family, even though they did both graduate from that other school!

Aww, I just now remembered that the RAV was the car that brought Elizabeth home from the hospital! Travis was so frustrated because we had so much stuff in the room! It almost wouldn't all fit. And then the car seat was HUGE and it would hardly fit! But we made it home to our first apartment together and my two favorite people took a little nap.

Maybe, I'll miss that car a little after all...


Joanne said... you won't! Good memories or not, you won't miss it at all! Did you get something new? I seem to remember that maybe you did, but I'm not sure!!!

Sara said...

Yeah, I got a Camry...much bigger!