Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tons Of Fun

We've been up to lots of stuff, as usual! Here's some of what's been going on.

Elizabeth was given a huge stuffed caterpillar for her birthday by her great-grandparents. She loves it. She plays with it in her crib before she falls asleep at night and for naps. Sleepy Puppy is still in there, too, but she uses the caterpillar like a body pillow!

Last Thursday, we were busy in the garden and Elizabeth was taking time to have a little snack in between playing with Grandpa and the dog, Jenny.

She's such a cutie! And, she loves playing in the grass...it's just too bad she likes to eat all of the grass!
Here I am with this year's onion crop. I'm really impressed with how well they grew. Next year, I know to grow a whole lot more of these! They're huge!
Here I'm picking tomatoes, and Travis is putting a third string on the indeterminate tomatoes already! They're growing so tall. We've had really nice weather and they like it hot. I was in the garden again yesterday, and we've got worms again, so I'll have to spray today.

Here we are at Alison & Donnie's wedding this past weekend. They were married at a church near Cedar Park and the reception was at The Oasis on Lake Travis. It was so hot early on during the reception. Everyone was sweating and fans weren't helping! (I'm sure my couple of glasses of wine didn't help, either!!) After the sun went down, it cooled off a little and was pretty nice.
Sunday was my MIL's birthday. So we took the scenic route from the Cedar Park area down to Gruene. We ate at the Gristmill, went to the General Store, and walked down to the Guadalupe River.

After eating and a little sight-seeing, Travis, James, and my FIL took Elizabeth and headed back home. MIL & I went shopping at the outlet mall in San Marcos for a few hours before heading back. When we did get back home, Elizabeth had been fed and bathed!! Woohoo! Supper was ready, and we had a little birthday party, complete with a cake and presents. Elizabeth was waiting patiently for her slice of cake while we sang "Happy Birthday".
Lying on the floor after supper (or any meal for that matter) is a sacred tradition at my in-laws and Elizabeth always has to be the center of attention. Not only does she have daddy wrapped around her little finger, but I think the uncles are, too!

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