Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carpet Installation

Our carpet was installed today, four days sooner than we had expected! The carpet guys had a cancellation today and our carpet came in yesterday, so it all worked out perfectly. I didn't get everything I wanted done (like more sanding on the shelves next to my vanity), but that's ok. I can lay plastic down whenever I think I'll make a mess...which is always!

Here's a roll of pad and three of the rolls of carpet:

Elizabeth had to be in on all of the action. The hardest part of today was trying to keep her out of Louie & Randy's way! This is her taking her first steps on the fully installed carpet in the guest room.

Now for the before and after pictures. This is the guest room before:

And after:

This is Elizabeth's room before:

And after: It's hard to see in this picture, but the chair rail is up on the right wall. The rest will hopefully be installed sometime next week. It just depends on Travis's work schedule.

This is the master bedroom before:

And after:

So now all of our walls are painted and carpet is in! We moved our bed into our room, and Elizabeth is asleep in her room right now! It will be so nice to get to use the rest of our house now! Don't be too fooled, though; I still have plenty of work to do! The next thing on my list is sanding and painting all of the shelves that go in the closets so we can start using those, too!

While all of this fun was going on, I also made pasta sauce. I didn't get any pictures because there was so much going on and I totally forgot! I ended up canning 5 pints and 12 half-pints. Why half-pints? Two reasons: 1-I ran out of clean pint jars and did not want to use quarts, 2-I think I'll like having half-pints for when Travis is out working and Elizabeth & I are the only ones eating. I hate having lots of leftover pasta sauce anyway!

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