Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Things Daddys Do

Travis is great at playing with and entertaining Elizabeth. Of course, there are things that Daddy thinks are fun...until she loses a finger!

Like making noise in front of the box fan. Elizabeth looks like she's saying, "No, no, Daddy!"

But, she's not! It's just too tempting for her not to join right in. I can no longer count the times I have said, "That's an ouchy! We don't touch the fan. You can make noise in front of it, but no touching!!" (Repeat until you're blue in the face.)

Daddys are good for hugs and play-wrestling, though! He makes her laugh and laugh and laugh.

And that makes me happy. Almost happy enough to forgive him for teaching her how to make noise in front of that fan! :)

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