Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter

Doo, do-do, do do do... (Think about the Harry Potter theme song)

Tonight, I will be at the movies watching the sixth Harry Potter movie, The Half-Blood Prince. I'm so excited! Travis will be out of town tonight, so my brother-in-law, Stephen, offered to watch Elizabeth! What a guy...a very brave guy! Of course, I'll have her ready for bed and snacks in the house!

The movie doesn't start until 8:40 p.m., but I want to get there early so I can get a good seat. Well, if Travis is out of town, and Stephen's watching Elizabeth, who will I be going with? No one! Yes, I'm going alone. No, it won't be the first time I've seen a movie alone. (I'm almost as excited about being by myself as I am about getting to see the movie on opening day.) I even bought my ticket online last night so I was sure to have a seat. As long as I'm not in the very front row, I'll be great!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? When will you get to see the movie?


Leea said...

I'm a fan :) I've read all the books, went to see one of the movies in the theater by myself (the rest I waited for the dvd to buy them) The one I saw in the theater was great and the Dementors made quite an impression on the big screen. There were maybe all of maybe 15 other people watching the movie (a few weeks after the release during an afternoon matinee).
Let us know what you think of the movie :)
Leea aka Lee Ann :)

Joanne said...

You already know that I'm a fan and that we went to the midnight show! Have fun tonight. I love going to the movies by myself! There are some movies that in hindsight would have been more fun with Kevin or a friend (I was a little lonely watching Sex and the City without girlfriends) but the time by myself is precious! Get a big drink and a big don't have to share it! ;-)

Karen said...

You know I'm a fan & that I went with the crazy people at midnight! If I hadn't been at mom's I had already planned to go by myself Wednesday night with Chris at home watching the boys.

soccermom10 said...

I was there with the crazy peeps at 12:10am! I got home at 3am.............