Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Working is Easier With Help

This past weekend, we finally sat down to put together a work bench my parents won at a raffle and gave to Travis. Elizabeth loves tools and all hardware that comes with putting things together, so you can just imagine how much help she was! You might even think of her as quality control.

Where should we start? Are you sure Mommy knows how to read the directions?

It's important to clean your tools before you use them!

Ok, let's start!

Are you sure the bolts go in here?

I think you have a loose screw! Here, I'll do it!

See, wasn't that easy?

Daddy, I told you Mommy couldn't read the instructions! (We did have to undo a couple of things because I skipped a step. Accident! Accident!)

All finished! I don't think I'm over the weight limit just yet!

Don't these two look just exhausted? It looks so simple, but with me directing production, it might have taken a smidge longer than it should have! Oh, still got assembled!

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