Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fig Jam

Before a month ago, I had never eaten a fig. I didn't know what one tasted or looked like. I found out that they're actually really, really good! So, I found a recipe for fig jam and tried it out.

First, wash the figs and put them in a bowl that can stand boiling water. Cover the figs with boiling water and let them stand for ten minutes. Drain and de-stem the figs. I didn't peel the figs because I picked them before the skins got really tough and yucky.

After I took the stems off, I chopped a few cups of figs at a time in my blender using the pulse-chop mode. Jams are meant to be a little chunky.

Pour the chopped figs, sugar and water into a large pot and boil, stirring constantly, until the mixture falls off of the spoon in sheets. (I didn't get a picture of this because every time I stopped stirring, the jam would spew out of the pot like hot lava. I did get burned a few times; luckily, Elizabeth was playing in the living room.)

When the jam has passed the spoon test, add lemon juice and boil for one more minute.

Pour the jam into pint jars, seal with lids and rings and boil in a water canner for 25 minutes.

After boiling, take the jars out and let them cool for 24 hours. Check all of the lids to make sure that they sealed and store in a cool, dry place.

Don't figs make a beautiful jam!?


soccermom10 said...

It is pretty! Is it ready to eat or does it have to sit for awhile?

Sara said...

It's ready to eat! I had a little bit left over and I ate it on a sandwhich...good stuff!

kajahns said...

how do you check the lids to make sure they sealed correctly? and, do you fill the water over the top of the lids when you are boiling them?

Sara said...


Yes, you do fill the water 1-2" over the top of the lids when you boil them. You can check to make sure they are sealed correctly after they are cooled by first pressing your finger down in the center of the lid. If it springs up and down, the lid did not seal. Second, try to gently lift the lid with your finger tips like you're trying to take it off. If the lid comes off, it did not seal correctly. You can process the jar again in the boiling water canner (using a new lid, of course), but usually it just makes a mushier product. It depends on what you are trying to preserve.

Leea said...

Your fig jam looks great! I hope to make fig jam someday, if the fig tree cooperates :) Right now, the only jam or jelly I make is dewberry jelly from vines I transplanted to my garden...I strain the dewberries to keep the seeds out of the jelly...and while it tastes great, it's worth the trouble for the pretty color it has :)

Sara said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting! I've never had dewberry jelly before, but I'm sure it's great! I like dewberries themselves. Straining the seeds is a great idea. We have to do that, too, with mustang grapes.