Thursday, July 9, 2009

Remodel Update-Elizabeth's Room

The end is in sight for the bedroom remodels! We are completely finished painting the walls and trim in all three bedrooms and all that's left is to paint and install the chair rail in Elizabeth's room. Carpet will be ordered tomorrow, so depending on how long it will take to come in and be installed, we are hoping that by the end of the month we can be moved in to our new bedrooms!

I will post before and after pictures of all of the bedrooms once carpet is installed, but Kate really wanted to see how Elizabeth's room was turning out. We decided to do pink stripes above a chair rail. If any of you have painted stripes before, you know that the most stressful part is marking where they go and then taping them off! Travis and I asked ourselves more than once if we should have done something different. Then, when all of the paint was up and tape came off, we knew right away that it was all worth it! We did have some minor touching up to do, but that's nothing! We also decided to go with a wide 10" stripe instead of something smaller; we didn't want to be dizzy when we walked into the room.

Ok, now on to the pictures. Here is a Before picture of her room:

The walls are now painted white, the trim is finished and the tape for stripes is going up. The horizontal line is approximately where the chair rail will sit.

Yay! One wall taped. Thank goodness we didn't decide to go with two different colored stripes!

Elizabeth likes climbing the step stool, but we don't let her. Well, except for this one time where we didn't catch her. I turned around and saw this! I almost had a heart attack!

Here's Travis finishing up the taping over the door.

I started painting while he was finishing up some of the small stuff.

We had originally bought just one quart of paint which only did one coat. It definitely needed two coats, so Elizabeth & I ran back to Home Depot where they mixed us another quart. Turns out it was a different color pink!!! Luckily, it turned out to be a happy accident, because the lighter pink looks so much better than the slightly darker paint did. Although, now I'm a little skeptical about going back for colored paint. What if they don't mix it the same again? It may not be a "happy" accident next time! You can tell the difference at the top of this stripe. Yes, I did let it dry! Yes, they were really different colors!

Pulling all of the tape off! I think it looks great!

The area with the built in dresser. The large white area not painted with stripes has a mirror that goes in there. We didn't have much paint at all left over, so we didn't want to waste any on an area that was going to be covered anyway. You can also see in this picture on the right of the stripe next to the closet door where some paint came off with the tape. This was the large spot that we had to fix. There was also a smaller spot on the other side of the closet door, but a couple of coats of wall paint covered them right back up.

Elizabeth loves hanging out in her new room! Sometimes I catch her back there playing the "drums" on the paint cans and just looking around! I'm excited to get her in her own room soon.

There are many more remodel pictures to come, I just want the carpet in first! With any luck, Travis will have the chair rail installed early next week and from there it's just a waiting game for carpet delivery and installation! How do you think we're doing so far?

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Joanne said...

I love it! Her room is cute and perfectly girly! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished!