Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elizabeth's Recent Events

There has been a lot going on this month for me (Elizabeth). Here are a few things I've been up to:

My first taste of a Rice Crispy Treat. Yum, yum!

Mmm, so good! Gooey stuff that's okay to eat...toddler heaven!

Of course, I wouldn't be related to momma, Aunt Kate, or Uncle Matt if I didn't have an early obsession with Dr. Pepper!

Now only if I can get these things open with my teeth. Good thing these are my baby teeth!

I like playing with my Fridge Farm and alphabet, but sometimes it's fun to put these things in jars.

How much stuff can you get into a bullion cube jar? Aparently a Blue Sheep head, a Purple Cow booty, and a few stray letters!

This was the only picture taken on the Fourth of July. Silly momma forgot to take pictures of me in my cute outfit that said "Daddy's Little Sparkler". So cute! Here's our little firecracker all burned out!

Well, we can't forget about Chick-fil-A customer appreciation week! Don't you like my Cow Crown!?

I've had a busy month and it's not even over yet! I'm getting the hang of this toddler thing and all of the new opportunities that come with being able to walk! I sure have a hankering for a trip to the coast...let's see how I do with the Gulf! Sand castle, anyone?

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soccermom10 said...

Are you saying that poor child has NEVER had a rice krispie treat before?!?!?!?! Where have you been hiding her?